बालसिर्जना संवाददाता १३ साउन २०७७, मंगलवार


It was sharp 6 in the morning. Krystal was going downstairs.  ‘Mom!’ she yelled. Krystal is a beautiful girl with curly black hair and  hazel blue eyes . She lives in Kathmandu with her mother and dad. She went to her living room and sat on the sofa and said, Mom I am really tired of hearing the bad news every day. Lock down is extending, thousand’s of people are dying because of corona and I can’t even go out. I am missing my friends and grandparents and I want to meet them physically. But I can’t go outdoor. I am tired of studying story books and watching the movies of super heroes. This lockdown and corona virus is driving me crazy .It has already been 3 month since the lockdown has started because of the ongoing pandemic corona virus.

Mom exclaimed, Oh! Dear we should not only be thinking about the difficulty of staying home all the time. Have you even thought about the pain of doctors and police? Doctors and police are in their duties to save our lives with out caring about their own life. Police are trying their best to make sure that every people are staying in their homes and people are trying their best to come out of their house. People are blaming, cursing police instead of respecting them. Acutely the police and doctors are our real heroes. We must respect them instead of throwing stone to them. Instead of staying home with their family, they are staying outside only for us. Hard work of the real heroes of our nation should be acknowledged and appreciated.

Krystal said,” That is right. We must respect them, but I really want to go outside. Who is this corona and lockdown to stop me?

Dad told,” But my sweetie, ‘Prevention is better than cure”. Corona virus which is also known as COVID 19 is an ongoing pandemic disease. This virus was originated from Wuhan china from a bat in December 2019. Corona virus is spreading very fast and no one has been able to find its medicine. Everyday thousand’s of people are dying because of corona virus. So, in order to control the spread of corona virus, whole world is locked down. Lockdown is done for our own benefit.  People are not allowed to come out of their houses. They can be safe and sound. Nevertheless some people are still not following this lockdown. Lockdown is a requirement for us in which we have to stay where we are due to some specific danger. And why do you worry if happiness didn’t last forever, how can problems and sadness remain forever. One day surely we will get free from corona and lockdown but for that we must follow the lockdown.

Krystal told,’ Mom but our right to go out of our house has been restricted.

Mom said,’ Ever since the lockdown, many people think that their right to go out of their houses has been restricted and limited. You should   understand that country is locked down for your own benefit and safety. As I think resting in home is far better than resting in peace. If we will come out of our sweet home we may get infected from corona virus and our health can be in danger. Why do you only think about negative factors of lockdown? Why don’t you think about its positive factor?

What are you saying mom there is no positive factor about lock down? said Krystal.

Dad yelled,’ The world is locked down but everything is not locked down, in this modern time we can almost do everything we want from home. World is locked down but many things like creativity, learning, happiness, imagination, story writing, talking with family, gardening, food, air, dancing, singing, communicating, sunshine, water, life, entertainment, spreading love, help, kindness etc are not locked. Environment is getting clean and no chemicals are being mixed in the air, land and water.

Krystal told, whatever dad those were so least positive factor about lockdown, aren’t there some more of them mom? I know your answer of course there aren’t more positive factors about lockdown.2020 is the worst year.

Mom exclaimed, ‘Why are you blaming the year, it is not the fault of the year, it is because of our own carelessness. If we humans had been more aware about following hygienic habits I don’t think that we would have been suffering from this corona virus. And talking about the positive factors of lockdown we can think in the following ways.

Because of lockdown we have started to keep our environment more clean and green. People are getting aware about following and focusing on their hygienic habits. They have started to follow many hygienic habits like: washing their hands time to time for at least 20 seconds, wearing mask, using alcohol based soap, bathing everyday etc. People have learned that only by getting rich, wearing fancy and branded clothes, eating fancy, tasty or junk food our life can’t be happy. People have learned that we have to eat good and healthy food, wear the clothes according to the seasons and follow hygienic habits. People learned that no pandit, Dhami or jhakari and other many things related to superstition can cure us.

I think you two are saying right. If we don’t stay at home we never know our life may get locked down forever. In present generation I can also work from home, I can meditate, I eat food, I can sleep well, etc. Because of lockdown we children are getting the opportunity to learn through online classes which are really fruitful and really a new experience for us. I am never going to forget it. Home is better place to stay than to stay in ICU in any condition. I shouldn’t have blamed the year 2020. It is not fault of the year. It is all because of our carelessness by not following the hygienic habits properly, said Krystal.

Mother told, ‘Looks like know you have started to understand that shouting, screaming, worrying and complaining is not the solution to any type’s problems. If possible we have to solve it and if not we have to search for its positive factor and get satisfied with what we have. And we should also not blame others without seeing our mistakes.

Krystal learned that she should not look at the negative side of life. She should focus on the positive side of life. She also learned that she should not blame anything else without knowing our own mistakes.

Arya Adhikari class 7

Budhanilkantha school