Bhupa P. Dhamala २१ भदौ २०७७, आइतवार


The earth was made of up the land and the sea. One day the sky saw that the green land was beautiful. He quickly fell in love with the land. But the sky was too far from the land in the plain. So he pulled a part of the plain and made a hill. Now there was horizon at the top of the hill. It was easy for him to come down and meet the hill on the horizon. When the sky was tired, he used to come down the hill and make love with her. The sun made their love easier because the hill could be seen more beautiful in the sunlight. When the sun set in the west, the sky was sad but when the sun rose in the east, the sky was happy to meet the hill again on the horizon.

The blue sea was as beautiful as the green land. But the sky did not seem to love the sea. So the sea was not happy with the sky because he loved only the land and kissed the hill all the time. The sea felt jealous of the land and made a plan to disturb their love. One day the sea asked the sun to double his heat to evaporate her water. If the sun did it, the sea would make the sunlight look more beautiful on her ripples in return. The sun was happy with the sea and evaporated her water very heavily. The vapour turned into clouds and went up the hill. The sky was totally covered with dark clouds.  Soon it began to rain. It rained for hours and hours. It was a downpour rain. It did not stop for days and nights. The soil of the hill was washed away by the rainwater. Now there was landslide. Trees began to fall and slid in the landslide. The beauty of the hill was gone. She began to weep.

The sky felt grieved. He knew that there was heavy rainfall because the sun evaporated the sea water. So he decided to go to the sun and ask him to dry the hill with double heat. He said that if he did it, he would give enough space for the sun to move in all parts of the earth in return. The sun was happy with the sky. Then the sun doubled his heat only in the hill but halved it in the sea for some time. There was no more evaporation of water from the sea. The rainfall suddenly stopped. The sun heat dried the hill. The hill looked as beautiful as before and smiled. The sky was very happy with the sun. He realized that the sun was powerful because he could double or halve his heat and balance the natural events. He also realized that both the land and the sea are equal parts of the earth. Since that time the sky began to love the sea as much as he loved the land. The sky gave enough space to the sun to move around all parts of the earth. He gave equal love to the land and the sea. Both the sky and the earth are happy till today because the sun made the sky behave equally with both parts of the earth.
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